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The Float Experience

Here at Float UK, we understand the potential for a life-changing experience with the use of flotation therapy. Float UK has worked alongside the market leading manufacturer of flotation tanks, Orbit Float Ltd, to create the perfect flotation therapy experience.

Introduction to floating

 If you are a first-time floater, please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. You’ll be required to sign a form, and will then be a tutorial by a friendly member of staff, with great tips that will make your experience much more enjoyable!​

After your tutorial you will be shown to your room, everyone will get their own private, lockable room, complete with shower, towels & our flotation pod.



Preparing for your float

Avoid Consuming Caffeine & Nicotine

You want to be in a peaceful, calm and relaxed state of mind and both caffeine and nicotine are proven stimulants.

Eat a Light Meal a few hours before floating

You don’t want to be overly full of food, nor do you want to have hunger causing a distraction. A light meal a few hours ahead of time will put you in the sweet spot!

Avoid Shaving before your appointment

Freshly shaven skin can become irritated by the Epsom salt for some people. It is best to avoid shaving the day of your appointment, but we have provisions if this can’t be avoided for any reason.

Give yourself plenty of time before your appointment

You can resume your daily activities directly after your float, but we recommend you take some time to relax and enjoy the feeling for a while before diving back into the daily grind.

During your session

First, hop in the shower and wash your body with our supplied organic soap. The pod fills while you get ready, so you don’t need to do a thing!

Climb into the pod & gently sit down. When / if you are ready, close the door. Lay back and you will be lifted by the solution and fall into a completely natural position.

Our staff will ensure you have some great tips on how to get the best experience. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions during your visit!

During the float, lighting & music can be customised. However, for first-time users, we will recommend a default profile.

After your session

Once your float session has concluded. Simply hop back in the shower, wash your body & hair with the products supplied.

You are welcome to use our beauty room to dry your hair, re-do makeup etc. (We provide hairdryers, straighteners, deodorant, wipes and brushes for you!)

 You are also welcome to head to our relaxation Lounge, where you can help yourself to a variety of teas, and chill out for even longer!

At this moment, please take your time and spend as long as you wish in our relaxation lounge and make the most of the relaxing environment.

We’d love to hear what you thought about your experience and would really appreciate any feedback you may have!

My husband surprised me with a Float session at 13 weeks pregnant having heard it was a great therapy during pregnancy. Off the back of that session, I booked a package to spread out during the rest of my pregnancy. Floating during pregnancy is an amazing experience and something I would recommend to everyone when expecting.

When you get further into pregnancy, especially the third trimester, you feel heavy and tired so the weightlessness you feel in the float tank is extremely relieving and you really do feel like you have much more energy after a session. I have also suffered from some Sciatica and floating allows my hips to fully relax and realign. However all those benefits aside, just being able to lay safely on your back in the dark for any period of time is worth every single penny!

Gemma T

"Floating during pregnancy is an amazing experience"

I had my prize-winning float today and all I can say is wow! What an experience. Beautiful Clean and welcoming, the venue sets you up for a wonderfully relaxing time and that is before you get to experience ‘The Pod’. For a whole hour, I was completely pain-free and totally relaxed in a warm and serene environment. Can’t wait to go again and would highly recommend a visit

Lianne C

"What an experience"

Spotless clean with welcoming and friendly staff. Love the orbit pods, much better than other centres I've been in where they are small and you keep bumping off the sides. Can't wait for next one.

Sam H

"Excellent float centre"

My friend and I had our first Float session today, I had my doubts but decided to give it a go. So glad I did!! Loved it! The staff were friendly and helpful, explaining everything very clearly and gave us a little tour around. The rooms are spacious, warm and clean. The tanks are large and the water is the perfect temperature to let all your cares float away. Will definitely be going back!

Sarah M

" I had my doubts but decided to give it a go. So glad I did!! Loved it!"

This was my first experience at Float UK, and what an amazing experience it was, one to be repeated again and again. Not only do I feel extremely relaxed and at peace, my skin feels so soft to touch.

The staff are warm and welcoming and do what they can to help enhance your experience from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone of my friends and family as a must!!

Thank you Float UK!

Teri-Ann P

"The staff are warm and welcoming"

Had my first float today and what a great experience it was. Was a little nervous as didn't know what to expect, yet the staff were so helpful, explained everything and made me feel at ease. I find it very hard to relax and came out feeling so chilled. Thank you so much for this experience, I will definately be back and will highly recommend to all

Nicola C

"Thank you so much for this experience"

Everything explained fully and clearly. You are given your own lockable room with shower and pod. Shower products are natural and smell lush. Pods are huge.. you're given a head halo to help you float/relax.

The pod doors are very straightforward and easy to open & close. Music and coloured lights start to help you relax, the coloured lights gradually getting darker until totally darkness (for those who don't like total darkness there is a button to switch on lights if you want). Very relaxing experience!

Michelle F

"Very Welcoming"

I actually switched off and deeply relaxed even with a 30min session. My back felt better and skin felt softer. Can’t wait to have another session!!

Amanda G

"I actually switched off"

My first time and I loved it, the girls explained everything to me, then once I was in the pod I was in heaven. I'm ready for bed now I'm so relaxed. Can't wait to come back

Pauline W

"My first time and I loved it"

The Second time I have been here and it is the best experience you could possibly want. You come out relaxed and chilled beyond what you could imagine, and it is fantastic for sports recovery injuries too. Great team that work here too. People need to try this!

David H-J

"The best experience you could possibly want"

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