CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19 UNTIL FUTHER NOTICE -all bookings can be rescheduled once we reopen

When was the last time you took time out and just stood still? Are you feeling stressed? Have aches or pains? Or just want to escape reality for an hour? At a time when work, endless emails and a million distractions fight for our attention, the idea of taking time out to just be present is more popular than ever – that’s where we come in. Floating is a scientifically proven way to relax, reduce stress, reduce pain and recover from injury. Requiring little to no effort this is the perfect relaxation experience for everyone!


Float therapy acts as a spiritual and mental detox. We can always use a break from screens, cars, work and stress factors and that is exactly what float therapy provides; a calm, quiet and relaxing environment to forget about the outside world.


  • You’ll see benefits in your general well-being, such as
  • Total calm and peaceful relaxatio
  • Elimination of fatigue and jet la
  • Improved slee
  • Alleviation from stress (mental and physical
  • Increased motivatio
  • Mental benefits include
  • Mental clarity and alertness
  • Increased creativity and problem solving
  • Expansion of awareness – intensified senses and accelerated learning
  • Heightened visualisatio
  • As well as physical benefits, such as
  • Increased production of endorphin’
  • Rehabilitation and recovery is sped up
  • Pain relief from arthritis, migraines, injuries and so o
  • Boosts immune functio
  • Improved circulation


In short – our floatation tanks are the perfect sanctuary, taking you away from the pressures of everyday life and into a safe and relaxing environment of never ending benefits.


Written by Charlotte Fish for Orbit Float Ltd

Dear Float UK Customers.

Float UK is currently closed due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Any bookings will be honoured and we ask that you look to rebook once we reopen. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Keep an eye on the latest government news for when facilities will be likely to re-open. During this time we will not be monitoring emails or calls